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Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Eng Sub Free Download




had recently saved the life of a British spy. Akshay plays the role of a spy and promotes Virat as his cover identity. The pair have an argument and Virat leaves Mumbai, alone. As a spy, he makes fake passports for many of the people in the guest house, including Priya. The guest house is located near the India–Pakistan border. Virat meets an Indian spy named Sheryl who has information on a list of ten . American secret agents who are double agents for the IAF. Virat makes the list by mistake . and he and Sheryl help Virat's friend Jacko to get into the IAF. Jacko finds out the identity of his spy, and Virat gives Sheryl time to find out who Jacko's true identity is. The British and Indian agents . are both targeted by an IAF attack . but the Indian agents warn the British before they are killed. Jacko, Sheryl, and Virat go to a harbour, and find the IAF's lead . and the bodies of the Indians agents. Both Virat and Sheryl are captured by the IAF, who force Sheryl to reveal the list of ten . Jacko manages to destroy the list in time, and the IAF leave. The men are caught at the harbour by the Indian border patrol. A firefight ensues and Virat is mortally wounded, dying of his wounds. Jacko and Sheryl get Virat to a hospital, and . to the ruins of the fort. The British agents discover the betrayal . who stole the list from a British colonel. The British agents kill the agent who was caught trying to flee . and capture the others. The agents are sentenced to death by firing squad. Virat is taken to the tower. He looks out at the setting sun and prepares to die, his hand on a rifle . Sheryl, Jacko, and the British agents are watching from the hill. Cast Akshay Kumar as Virat Boman Irani as The Colonel Abhay Deol as Jacko Shabana Azmi as Sheryl Farida Jalal as Suraya Jaya Prada as Priya Sunil Shetty as Virat's dad Kiran Kumar as Virat's dad's friend Kader Khan as The Colonel's second-in-command Kamini Roy as Sheryl's mother



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Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Eng Sub Free Download

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