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Spring and time for fruit tree pruning

Traditionally, the fruit trees are pruned in the spring and winter, when the buds on the branches begin to burst out and show flowers and leaves, it is too late.

Reasons to prune your fruit trees. If you prune the trees correctly, you will get a good fruit harvest. You can also maintenance prune the trees for an aesthetic appearance and remove dead branches. When you prune the trees, you can also think about the structure of the tree in this way to reduce the risk of splitting, i.e. that no branch should be broken, which you can do with weight reduction and relief. There may also be outside views on the trees, neighbors disturbed by branches overhanging the border.

Even the municipality can have opinions such as clear visibility at intersections and accessibility.

If the tree obscures the light for you, it may need to be heavily pruned or removed.

Personally, we do not think that trees should be removed because they are needed in our gardens and a sun-ripened apple cannot be bought in the store.

An art of balance, the arborist balances on the ladder and has a good eye for pruning the tree with a good balance for the good of the tree and to produce nice even ripe fruits.

After the assignment, we clean up and remove all twigs and branches.

Contact us for a quote and advice.

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