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Tree pruning

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Michael a passionate arborist.


We at Mike's Trädservice work safely and efficiently using the latest technology. We have over 23 years experience. 

Tree pruning pays off.

Just as your flower beds need care to flourish, your trees need care to reach their full functional and aesthetic splendor.
To take care of trees where they compete with people for sun and space requires expert knowledge.
We at Mike's Trädservice have that expertise and are more than happy to undertake the work.

No sun on the balcony, bad picture on the dish or low hanging branches that, despite you cutting them every year,
yet is there just as fast again.
A professionally performed pruning solves all these problems.

With several years of experience as climbing Arborists, our eyes are trained to see how a crown thinning can give you more light on the plot and less leaves on the lawn.
Or how a crown reduction can save the flagpole, facade and roof from branch wear without the pruned tree looking mutilated.

Each tree is unique and needs a unique treatment.
Don't be afraid to contact us so we can tailor a pruning that suits you and your tree's needs.

Why an arborist?

  • We always work and do our best.
    When we have finished the job, we have cleaned and you are satisfied!

  • Safety is always at the center. We never take any risks so that no one or nothing gets hurt. we have extensive experience so you can trust us, but should something happen we are of course fully insured.

  • A well-maintained garden with ornamental trees and fruit trees increases the comfort factor, the fruit harvest and the value of your property.

  • We are honest and treat our customers with understanding.
    You will receive a quote with a 50% square deduction. (we take care of the practicalities with the tax authority)

  • We have known what we are doing for over 23 years and guarantee a job well done.


  • Incredibly experienced Arborist with long experience, can really recommend Mike as he has full control of the work and always delivers high quality - Ted Syllen

  • Amazing skill, start we take a couple more trees! -Magnus

  • What an acrobat/arborist Mike's Tree Service climbed up and took down the tree so easily and quickly, at 50% RUT we actually didn't pay much. If you need an arborist, don't hesitate!!  -Isabella

  • A skilled arborist with great knowledge! -Extreme albums

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