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About Mike's Tree Service

We at Mike's Trädservice work safely and efficiently using the latest technology. We have over 23 years experience.


For our climbing Arborist Mike, trees are crowded by houses,

power lines and fences or diseased and dying trees at risk of falling in the next storm no problem. Regardless of whether they can be felled from the ground or they have to be taken down piece by piece.


Pruning to maintain your trees so they stay healthy and live long. Or to help them coexist with you as owners, both now and in the long term. A better picture on the dish or more sun on the balcony definitely does not have to mean folding.


Mike at Mike's Trädservice gives you a better option, a professional pruning that both cares for the tree and your relationship with it.

Mike arranges everything from pruning/removal to removal. 

Fully insured with F tax certificate.

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