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Sleep safe and rake fewer leaves.

We went to a customer who has two large birch trees in his garden,

the customer does not want to take them down but to make them smaller- reduce weight. That way, we help nature and we don't have to rake so many leaves in the fall. The customer also sleeps safely now that the autumn storms are coming,

and as you can see in the pictures, the wind is now blowing through the trees. Mike topped the trees about 7-8 meters and thinned out the branches.

Afterwards he also drove away all the branches.

These birches that the photographer helped us take pictures of while we were weight reducing them.

Dessa björkar som fotografen hjälpte oss att ta bilder på medan vi viktreducerade dem.

We are now equipped with an electric chainsaw from Husqvarna, environmentally friendly, quiet, cost-effective and with little vibration, a perfect choice for the environment!

Just as your flower beds need care to flourish, your trees need care to reach their full functional and aesthetic splendor.

To take care of trees where they compete with people for sun and space requires expert knowledge.

We at Mike's Trädservice have that expertise and are more than happy to undertake the work.

No sun on the balcony, bad picture on the dish or low hanging branches that, despite you cutting them every year,

yet is there just as fast again.

A professionally performed pruning solves all these problems.

Here we also want to show how nice it turned out on the neighbour's terrace that they are building, do you want to enjoy it on their terrace?

The neighbor is on Booking and many tourists from near and far enjoy it there.

With several years of experience as climbing arborists, our eyes are trained to see how a crown thinning can give you more light on the plot and less leaves on the lawn.

Or how a crown reduction can save the flagpole, facade and roof from branch wear without the pruned tree looking mutilated.

Each tree is unique and needs a unique treatment.

Don't be afraid to contact us so we can tailor a pruning that suits you and your tree's needs.

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