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Michael a passionate arborist


Felling a tree from the ground is usually the easiest and cheapest option, but not always possible.


Are you planning to build a house? Bought a plot of land but don't really know what to do with the forest on it?

Whether it's a tree or a hectare, we have the resources you need.
After an efficient felling, we transform the forest into a clearing, a curtain for the foundation of your new dream house.

Why an arborist?

  • We always work and do our best.
    When we have finished the job, we have cleaned and you are satisfied!

  • Safety is always at the center. We never take any risks so that no one or nothing gets hurt. we have extensive experience so you can trust us, but should something happen we are of course fully insured.

  • A well-maintained garden with ornamental trees and fruit trees increases the comfort factor, the fruit harvest and the value of your property.

  • We are honest and treat our customers with understanding.
    You will receive a quote with a 50% square deduction. (we take care of the practicalities with the tax authority)

  • We have known what we are doing for over 23 years and guarantee a job well done.


  • Incredibly experienced Arborist with long experience, can really recommend Mike as he has full control of the work and always delivers high quality - Ted Syllen

  • Amazing skill, start we take a couple more trees! -Magnus

  • What an acrobat/arborist Mike's Tree Service climbed up and took down the tree so easily and quickly, at 50% RUT we actually didn't pay much. If you need an arborist, don't hesitate!!  -Isabella

  • A skilled arborist with great knowledge! -Extreme albums

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