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Price for tree felling


Knowing what it will cost is reasonable when you hire us, just like when you hire a handyman.

We at Mike's Trädservice give honest cost proposals and explain what can be risky and have the job done in the best way.
How big a tree is, how it grows, nearby buildings, overhead lines, the height and circumference of the trees are important when we make an assessment and submit a cost proposal.

You decide whether you hire us.

  • We come free of charge and make an assessment and give you a cost estimate.

  • You then decide whether to accept our offer.

  • We finish the job when you are satisfied and we have cleaned.

The price is affected by difficulty level and degree of difficulty

It may be difficult for you to know what a reasonable price might be.
But you can say that the more difficult it is to take down a tree, the more careful we have to be and we may have to lift down branches, which takes time.
For example, if there are houses nearby or there are overhead lines.
But if the tree is easily accessible and there is nothing special to take into account, it goes quickly.

When the trees grow in a difficult place, it can be complicated to take it down even if we do it piece by piece.
It is important for us to estimate the time correctly because we probably have a customer waiting for us.
We at Mike's tree felling are therefore careful to estimate the time correctly, both for your sake and ours.

What is included in the price when we work

When we come and do our job, we have all the necessary equipment with us, we are trained and have the knowledge.
Often, our customers want to take care of the wood themselves, so we cut everything to the right length if desired.
For those customers who want us to take care of the branches, we chip it and drive away or if you want to use the chips in your garden.
If you want us to take everything with us, we can also do that for a reasonable cost.
The stump? Yes, it will remain unless you want us to remove it with a stump cutter.
We will agree on all of this during our free consultation, and you will receive a cost proposal which you will then decide on.

With the help of RUT, you as a private person have the opportunity for half the price!
We handle the paperwork with the tax authority, a service from us at Mike's Trädservice.

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