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A "storm-felled" tree…. but was it so windy yesterday?

Now it's "autumn" and the winds are blowing, do you know how your trees are doing?

Taking care of storm-felled trees….extremely dangerous chainsaw work….

The best thing for everyone is prevention, as for example this customer did.

Work with storm-felled trees is much more difficult and dangerous than normal felling work as it is often:

  • big heavy trees,

  • trees that interlock

  • hanging tree parts,

  • root rollers that can overturn and

  • in the worst case, breaking off trees in several layers.

For those who are not experienced with chainsaw work in general and working techniques for wind-felled trees, it is wisest to get help with the both difficult and dangerous clearing work.

That's why we were contacted by "Svenska kyrkan i Bengtsfors"

Så följ vårt råd, gå ut i din närhet och fundera på om det finns risk för att vinden ska fälla något träd, kanske du har en byggnad som står nära ett träd som skulle kunna vara en risk. Kontakta oss vi gör kostnadsfritt besök.

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